Career Management – Crucial for Employees or Organization?

Career Management – Crucial for Employees or Organization?

In today’s scenario, organizations are forced to remain relevant and top management is overloaded with their day-to-day responsibilities. In this context, people must be ready to own up their careers more than ever before. They must set the lead, set the path for their development, and co-create the conditions and opportunities that will move them in the direction they desire. It’s time where individuals need to take charge of their careers and emerge as leaders.

Every individual career defines the outcome in the organization where he works. 100% sync between individual career goals and organizational goals is just about perfect! For this to happen there has to be efforts and clarity from both the parties:

Organizations: Every individual could potentially be passionate. But not everyone gets into the workplace automatically knowing how to navigate and build their careers. In fact, many employees struggle in striking a balance between their personal and professional goals. There is a gap which has to be nurtured by the organizations. As a result, organizations that are serious about making career management a priority are actively helping staff members in expanding their understanding of their interests & strengths and trying to establish sync with their personal career goals and the aspirations of the companies. This helps increase the employee morale tremendously and contributes to greater employee engagement.

While career management initiatives are good to have, it is better to have talent right from the beginning which has a high career fitment. Hiring plays a vital role here !

Employees: Obviously a one sided effort can never yield any result. Some of the things which can be followed by the employees towards managing their careers are as under:

· Individuals should have a clear understanding about their own capabilities such as their preferences and values both professionally and also personally.
· Understanding their weakness or gaps and accordingly making efforts to bridge the gaps. A periodical SWOT analysis will be helpful.
· Trying to understand the larger picture of the organizations and stepping up.
· Understanding the external environment is a must. Always keeping up and adapting to the changes in the environment will be crucial.
· Along with managing the career at present, career management is also about discovering what would be good for the future both at a personal and organizational level.

Both individuals and organizations should treat this as an equally important aspect. Career management not a mutually independent issue between the two parties. It is always a win-win approach. If employee does well, organizations do well and the vice-versa.

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